About Me

About me....

My real name is Joëlle and I live in the Netherlands together with my husband Jeroen (aka BlytheJunkie) and our three furry cats.

How I met Blythe

I met Blythe during our first trip to Japan in 2009. My husband and I visited a lot of toystores when we were there because my husband is into lowriders (www.jevries.com). Off course I only looked at dolls and I noticed these cute dolls with big heads. Once I got home I looked them up on the internet and to my big suprise there even was a dutch Blythe forum. 

Not long after that I bought my first Blythe doll.


After some time I saw the work of some amazing customizers like Picara. I thought it was amazing you can do all that to a doll and make it look so different. My husband who did art school and is a very creative person stimulized me to start customizing. These days I like to get inspirired by everything I see during life, travelling, watching movies and readingbooks and magazines.